Friday, November 20, 2009


I must say... I was impressed.

You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?

Here are the top 10 things that impressed me at the New Moon midnight show…

1. The FANS – early, eager, orderly, dutifully decked in Team Edward or Team Jacob garb.

2. The THEATRE – prepared, smart, grade-A facilitation – kudos Regal Pinnacle 18. You’ve both impressed and shocked me. We had our seats 4 ½ hours before show time. No sitting on the lobby floor for us, thank you very much.

3. WAIT-MANAGEMENT – iPhones, paperback novels, conversations in appropriate indoor voices, and a few responsible teenagers even did homework. What do ya know? There is hope for this generation!

4. The GENERATION GAP – not every patron had been born since 1995. The ones who had, though, were *gasp* well behaved. (Wait…what!?) And at 30-something, I was not alone in my age group, nor was I close to being oldest.

5. The GENDER RATIO – Of course, females clearly had the upper hand, but the men made a respectable showing. At about 15% of our 249-seat auditorium, the males I observed did not appear to have been shackled or drugged. Most of them even looked happy to be there.

6. The MovieSCRIPT – The movie is never as good as the book b/c it is impossible to fit everything in, and many times script-writers re-write our fave stories so drastically we don’t recognize them. New Moon’s writers have mastered this delicate art. It was like a Glee mash-up – fit in the important parts, made it sound/look beautiful.

7. The MovieCASTING – Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, really had to work hard and work out to keep his part from the first movie. He stepped up, did a great job. He deserved to stay. That boy is ripped! But they didn’t overplay his Michael Phelps abs (and biceps and pecs…) – oh, they played them, just not over played. Also, Martin Sheen as Aro was perfect. There’s no more perfect word than that – perfect.

8. The MovieSPECIAL EFFECTS – Edward’s sparkle did not look like glistening sweat – they amped it up just enough, the wolf-transformations were swwweeeet – but again, not over done, and there’s an awesome fight sequence with the Volturi.

9. The MovieTENSION BREAKERS – Direct novel quotes as well as added lines with just the right flavor in just the right spots drew just the right laughter. Charlie Swan continues to be a favorite of mine in that category.


11. BONUSThe MovieTHE SCORE (by Alexandre Desplat)– SO amazing. Can’t wait to buy it. Comes out today, Fri. the 20th, but apparently WalMart doesn’t get it on to the shelves by 2:30am. What gives?

If you are a Twi-fan, you will love New Moon. If you are not, I couldn’t say. I wouldn’t claim industry awards or expect considerate critics – but who cares about them anyway? Not when we’re talking about such a fan-driven story. If the fans are happy, then New Moon succeeds.

The fans are happy.

(click for beginning of The Light in the Darkness: How Reading a Vampire Book Taught Me More About Faith - the New Moon section)


KM Wilsher said...

Great review. Sounds like the whole experience rocked! Wish we were there to go with you! Us TAZ would have loved to be with you!
I am excited to see it now.
Where is my team Jacob shirt ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I can't wait to see it. Monday I am, I think.

Yeah, Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!

Susanne Dietze said...

Excellent run-down! I loved the movie too. I was so happy to see that Edward's sparkle looked less like an illness and more like, well, a sparkle. Tho my husband noted they still put in sound fx to ensure that we understand the sparkliness :-)

And the wolves, oh wow. They did an awesome job with them.

Can't wait for Eclipse!