Friday, November 2, 2012

How Reading a Vampire Book Showed Me a Picture of the Holy Spirit – Intro

 Three years ago, I started this series of spiritual applications gleaned from the Twilight Saga as an investigation into the phenomenon of females all over the world, young and old, wishing on a star that Edward Cullen existed for real. I determined that, like all Prince Charmings throughout the history of story, Edward displayed characteristics similar to that of our Perfect Lover, Jesus – unconditional love, unyielding commitment, timely rescue, sacrificial protection, absolute provision and an intimate relationship with the perfect lover. The desire to experience these characteristics is planted in our DNA by our Creator, and Jesus fulfills every one. But we are all attracted to representations of this love, especially in the tangible setting of storytelling, which brings experience into a more obtainable realm – even when we’re talking fantasy worlds such as the kind in which vampires (even the sparkling kind) exist.

But the Twilight Saga explores an entire relationship of this kind, and it’s not all romance and roses. Difficulties arise that foster faith-building and reveal the true nature of commitment and expose the variable of free will. The journey, like life, is wrought with ups and downs, threats and thrills, peace and angst – each mile teaching something about the supernatural reality of having a relationship with the Perfect Lover.
When we get to Breaking Dawn, the dynamic changes because Bella has (finally) made the decision to give her hand to Edward in marriage. She’s reached the point of surrender – the good kind – that launches her on the amazing voyage of life with her Perfect Love.
Yet, when she makes this decision, she is still human. Although she wanted to become like Edward as soon as possible, Edward requested first she give herself wholly to Him in the bonds of holy matrimony. Not that he doubted her sincerity or love, but as an official covenant physically and spiritually joining two hearts into one. Because only after she willingly became his bride could he bestow upon her the benefits of such a relationship.
Edward and Bella’s wedding, to me, represents salvation. It’s the initial, covenant-making decision to trust Jesus, the Perfect Lover, with your whole life – come what may. You come to this relationship with free will and as is – still human and still a sinner. Not until that covenant is made between you and the Perfect Lover does the sin wash away. It’s within the covenant relationship that the benefit of the remission of sins is applied.
The awesome part is, that’s just the beginning.
Salvation marks a new journey, a new birth into a whole new world, and is characterized by the process that makes us ‘like’ Jesus. It’s called sanctification. The benefits of a covenant relationship with Jesus depend on the transformation power of His Holy Spirit, the only avenue on which becoming like Him is possible.
That’s what Breaking Dawn is about. It’s a new beginning, starting with Bella’s willing acceptance of Edward’s hand, leading her on the path that will make her like him.
I hope you will join me on this look into How Reading a Vampire Book Showed Me a Picture of the Holy Spirit. Stay turned, Dry Ground friends!
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Sarah Baker said...

Love it! Glad these are back. :) Can't wait for part 2 to hit theatres.