Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Tinsel" Town - Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

One of my favorite Christmas movies is A Charlie Brown Christmas. The Peanuts are cute, funny, entertaining, and they have what I consider the happy dance. But I like this one best because of Linus’ plain and simple, unashamed, and proud monologue -

Analogies are great, stealthy evangelism and creative renditions make powerful statements, but here, Linus simply recites Scripture, God’s own words, and nothing can be more powerful than that.

Merry Christmas, friends of Dry Ground. Be abundantly blessed!


Susanne Dietze said...

Merry Christmas, Lori! Thank you for sharing this...I love this show!

God bless you and enjoy time with your family!

Anonymous said...

L-I put this same video up on my blog for Christmas!! - Great minds . . .KM Wilsher