Monday, January 4, 2010

Take Aim

“I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 3:14

Many make New Year’s resolutions, but they usually sound something like this… go on a diet, be kind to others, make more money, smile all the time…

These are decent goals, however they are also a mite vague. Easily said, easily forgotten or excused with Oh, well, I tried.

What would happen if we focused our energy into a piercing beam, like light concentrated into a powerful laser, that accomplishes tangible results – specifics, details, obtainable commitments?

I’ve pondered some questions at the beginning of this New Year that I’d like to ask you this week. One question each Dry Ground day (M-W-F) so there’s plenty of time to think it over, dig deeper, pray, obey.

So here’s the first one! Happy New Year!

What one action will you take this year that you’ve always wanted to do, know you should do but never have? And why?

My answer: enter writing contests, because I believe writing is one of my gifts from God given to glorify Him and I’ve kept it hidden way too long out of fear, pride, ignorance and lack of confidence.

Question two on Wednesday… thanks for visiting Dry Ground!

(click here for Take Aim part 2)

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. I like when you said, "think it over, dig deeper, pray, obey."

Right on!

I'm glad you're entering contests this year. You're due, girl!

For me. . . I really want to go to Mexico on a missions trip, but I first need my passport. So, that is my first goal, for now. Not too sure what else will be on my list of goals for 2010, but God'll speak up sooner or later and tell me what I should be doing. :-)

KM Wilsher said...

Lori, I am challenged by this one. I've been thinking for 24 hours now.

It sounds like a wimpy one, but:

I am going to trust Him to provide for me, wake me inside, and love me as I know He does.