Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Found My Hillbilly Bone

So, Monday, I promised you a confession.

Here it is – no beating around the bush.

I like country music.

I grew up in Ohio, not particularly a state known for twang. But I knew people who liked it.

And I tortured them for it.

I suppose I was a little stuck up, being all classical and sophisticated. I mean, country music was for rednecks, Southerners (like past the Mason Dixon line) and people with no real ear for music.

Gracious – what a Yankee snob! Yuck.

Thank God I’ve grown to appreciate other genres, cultures, ideas, and people!

Yet, country music is still a recent find for me. And I can’t exactly pinpoint when my love affair with it started. Maybe when I did research for a new story.

The funny thing is, country music is all about story. Sure, some of it is cheesy, tear-in-my-beer type tunes about loss and heartache and drunkenness. But the fact is, any genre of music has a tragic side.

Country music, I found, has a lot to offer.

Some of the most patriotic, romantic, and God-honoring songs are in this genre.

Those who do it well are so stinking talented both vocally and on an array of instruments like fiddle, banjo and harmonica.

Country music lovin’ folks enjoy life, fun, fellowship and celebrate values like honor, loyalty and sacrifice.

And that twangy beat is some of the best for dancing (good exercise kind of dancing!).

I’ve decided, therefore, to declare and embrace this newfound love. It makes me smile. And sometimes, when something does that, it’s just all right.

Here’s one of my favorites. It was tough to pick just one!! I hope you enjoy! (If it's slow to load, know that it's SO worth the wait!!)

Friday on Dry Ground, the last of the Spring Concert Series, I’ll talk the Contemporary Christian music scene. We’ve come a long way since Carmen and Stryper, baby!


Susanne Dietze said...

Fun, Lori! You've got some excellent points. I've already confessed my affection for bluegrass, so you and I can hang out with some banjos for a while and do fine!

Crack me up...haven't thought of Stryper in a while.

Blessings today!

KM Wilsher said...

I love Stryper LOL. . .Love my '80's hair bands.

I like country too. There have been years I've listened to nothing else.

I especially like how country has evolved. . .It has a true rock sound a lot of the time :0)

This was fun.