Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Refresh Everything

11 AM MST - Arg!! We've been bumped.... no voting today... :-(
8am MST Looking like voting isn't open yet... pressing "pause" - will alert when it is. Thanks, friends...

WOW! Can you believe it's December??
Today, I have a favor to ask you, Dry Ground friends.
As you know, my Daniel and I now work for ZooMontana, our state's only zoo. It's young, cute, and full of potential, but it needs a helping hand.
Because of our director's hard work, we are on the ballot for Pepsi's Refresh Everything national contest to win a grant for a new playground. Quite simply, the most votes wins.
So, we need votes.
And that's how you can help.
If you go to and search for ZooMontana, you can vote, up to 10 times in December. You can also click the FB "like" link on that site and vote through Facebook.
My Daniel and I, as well as the patrons and employees of ZooMontana, would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time and your support.
Thanks, friends!
Hope your week is going well! Done with leftovers yet? We still have some turkey - boy, that was a big bird!
Be blessed!


Anonymous said...

Boy. I'm having trouble finding zoomontana..... :( I'll keep at it and vote for ya!