Monday, June 13, 2011

Movies You Might Have Missed Monday

I’ve mentioned before Judy Holliday – a talented comedienne from the classic era of film. Her performance as Billie in Born Yesterday proves one of the most Oscar-winning worthy in the Academy’s history. It’s one of my favorites.

But any of Ms. Holliday’s few films (she died young of breast cancer) are a delight to watch. Her last from 1960 is today’s pick.

Bells are Ringing is a forerunner to the modern romantic comedy. This one wouldn’t have won any awards, although it was nominated for its music, but it’s so fun to watch, it’s a winner nonetheless.

Judy plays an operator for Susanswerphone, the first of its kind phone answering service. She’s a little over eager in her job, giving a little more help to her clients than is necessary – introducing Mrs. So-and-so who has a female Siamese cat to Mr. So-and-so who has a male Siamese cat, recommending a remedy for an opera singer’s hoarse throat, and encouraging a down-and-out writer that a success is right around the corner. But her friendly intrusion into the clients’ lives causes her two problems. First, she falls in love with the writer who only knows her as ‘mom,’ and she comes under mistaken investigation for running a much more solicitous business.

I love this movie because #1 – Judy Holliday is awesome (as I’ve mentioned), #2 – Dean Martin plays the writer and he’s awesome too, #3 – it’s FUNNY, #4 – it is an inspiration to WRITERS!, #5 – the romance is sweet.

This film uplifts and entertains, leaves you with a smile. For a good time, call on Susanswerphone in Bells are Ringing!

Happy Movie Watching, Dry Ground friends!

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