Wednesday, September 7, 2011

POV Wednesday – Moving Day... Again

Well, here we are again – it’s moving day for the Lundquists.

Since this is the 12th moving day in our 16 years of marriage, I’m pretty used to process. I’ve got an actual routine now, which is either really sad or just good sense.

At any rate, my POV is that I’m always moving toward something better. I don’t know why things turned out the way they did. Despite the sub-zero winters and isolation of living in the middle of nowhere, I was prepared to make a home here in MT. But it was not to be.

So I look to the next step with hope, excitement, sure a little anxiety, but above all else confidence in the One who holds me safe and secure no matter what. In light of Heaven, I can always say the best is yet to come, but I prefer to apply that to the here and now as well.

My point this week, besides letting you know that the dust of MT is being shaken from my toes, is to remember that perspective is a matter of choice, and that’s the truth no matter what kind of day you’re having.

See you in St. Louie, Dry Ground friends!

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lynnrush said...

Be safe in your travels, Lori. Drop me a note when you land I'd love to hear more about it!! :)