Monday, October 24, 2011

Movies You Might Have Missed Monday

Well, here we are, almost October’s end, and I have one more ‘scary’ movie to recommend. Next week, Twi-blogs return as we count down the days until Breaking Dawn part 1 hits theatres. If you don’t know what that means, CLICK HERE to start with the first Twi-blog series that appeared here on Dry Ground.

So, I don’t have any phobias. I mean, there’s nothing that strikes fear into me so badly that I am rendered paralyzed or helpless.

Heights thrill me. Snakes fascinate me. Close spaces comfort me.

But one thing that can make me jump – things that ‘scurry’ – a.k.a. uncontained bugs or spiders or animals that move faster than I do.

Example, one time a teeny tiny gray mouse had taken up residence in the office space I worked in. It visited my desk one day. I stood on my chair like a typical, hysterical female. While ashamed of my behavior, I still did not volunteer to descend and catch said mousey. Why? Because it was a ‘scurry-er’!!!!

Therefore, today’s movie pick is about another kind of scurry-er, a classic from my growing up years – Arachnophobia!

Most classic ‘scary’ movies make me laugh, truth be told. I went to a homecoming dance with this one guy who thought watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original, mind you, from 1974) would be a good way to start the evening. He mistakenly identified me as a weak-stomached girly-girl who would be so scared that I’d cling to him for protection the rest of the night.

Good grief.

Anyway, Arachnophobia, which I saw in the theatre with a friend, definitely gave me the creeps! Spiders that big… well, I have seen a few in person actually (another story entirely)… but that many with such vindictive attitudes is bad news!

The trouble starts when a scientist who is doing research in South America dies of an unidentified disease. His coffin arrives back in his hometown with a stow-away on board, the gigantic spider that killed him. No one knows this, of course, until the spider mates and breeds, and an army of killer spiders overtakes the town. When neighbors start disappearing, a couple people notice and investigate. It’s a battle to the end!

The freakiest scene, the one that really got me and my friend never let me forget, was the shower scene. A teenage girl is taking a shower. While she washes her hair, she closes her eyes, like many of us do. One of the killer spiders falls on her and slides down with the water. She doesn’t even know it is there.

I enjoy these kinds of ‘horror’ movies because a good case of the creeps makes me laugh. Arachnophobia is a good flick that causes my nose to wrinkle, for me to cringe and utter ‘EW!’ and then laugh off. It’s just my kind of ‘scary’ movie.

After reading about the scary movies I can handle, I’d love to hear which ones you love. How about phobias? Do you have any?

Happy Movie Watching, Dry Ground friends!

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