Monday, December 12, 2011

Movies You Might Have Missed Monday – Christmas Edition

Ever feel like even though you’re doing everything right, everything just keeps going wrong?

That’s how Queen Latifah’s character. Georgia Byrd, feels in today’s pick, Last Holiday.

Georgia sings in her church choir, watches what she eats, encourages the neighbor kid to watch his language, and works cookware in a New Orleans department store. It’s at the store where she shyly admires fellow co-worker, Sean Matthews, played by hunky LL Cool J. But before the two can admit their feelings for each other, there’s an accident. Georgia bumps her head on a cupboard door in her cooking cubicle at work. Sean carries her to the in-house medical clinic. The doctor does a brain scan with his ‘new to him’ machine and discovers that she has lesions on her brain. Finding out that she only has three weeks to live, Georgia comes out of her shell. She quits her job, liquidates her bank account and goes on one of the adventures she has always dreamed about – spends the holidays at Prague’s Hotel Pupp living like a princess.

Her perspective on life enhanced by the proximity of death, she enjoys every detail of her dream world and in the process makes a number of friends. Meanwhile, Sean notices her mysterious absence at work and investigates. When he finds out where she went, Sean comes out of his shell too and pursues. Question is, does he reach her in time?

This is not a drama. This is a romantic comedy. The imminent death issue is a catalyst for misunderstandings and coincidental comedy of errors, and of course everything turns out alright in the end.

I like this movie because it is funny, clean, fun-loving, romantic, and it has great reverence for abundant life. Georgia’s shedding of her inhibited lifestyle did not count losing her morals or principles or suddenly becoming irresponsible. She just stopped being scared and stepped out of her box.

Hope you are having a fun holiday season and are watching all the best Christmas movies out there!

13 days until Christmas!

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