Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What My Chinny Taught Me This Week

I’ve introduced you to my ninja chinchilla, Fiona. She continues to inspire me as well as make me smile, which is a challenge these days while we continue to wait for a career job for my Daniel.

Anyway, every evening and every morning, I get Fiona out of her cage so she can stretch her legs and do all the ninja moves she likes to do. In the evening, she is quite active because she’s just waking up and getting her ‘day’ started. In the morning, she’s not as wild and crazy, spending most of her time tunneling in my oversized pajama pants.

Fiona is a fearless ninja when it comes to the heights she’ll jump or walls she’ll scale, but she is a skittish critter if she hears any loud or startling noise. Anything unexpected, she moves at lightning speed (you think I’m kidding), zipping into the nearest available ‘tunnel’ for what she perceives as safety.
Now, her playtimes are held in a basement bathroom. No windows. Just a small, enclosed room. As far as she’s concerned, it’s the only place on earth that even exists. Except that her hearing is so good. One footfall from above, water rushing through the walls if someone upstairs turns on the sink or flushes the toilet, even sounds from outside that I’m not even sure I picked up but she sure did – all these things have the potential to send her scurrying for cover.
As if she understands me, I reassure her that she is safe, that the ‘noise’ can’t get to her, and that she should come on out of my pants and enjoy her run-around time. Sometimes it works. Other times, she’s so convinced of danger, she hovers at my cuff and peers out in what I call her ninja trance. That means, she is not moving another muscle.

At times like these, I wonder if in the cosmic scheme of things, I act like Fiona. I mean, walking in fellowship with God my Father, the palm of His hand is like Fiona’s enclosed play space. Safe. Yet, I insist on ducking for cover, stressing out, letting fear paralyze me even when God is telling me it is safe.
His Word is full of ‘fear not’s. Why don’t I listen to Him? As Fiona’s guardian, when I tell her all is well, I’m certain it is. How much more certain is God when He tells me that all is well?
Certainly, I should believe Him.
Do you?
Have a wonderful weekend, Dry Ground friends. I continue to appreciate your patience with me!
(photos by yours truly)