Monday, June 11, 2012


 Back in April, I wrote a little excerpt here complaining about how I have had to run outside for the past few months, being without a treadmill and all. I believe I particularly made my opinion on hills known – that I loathe them.
Well, I had the opportunity recently to run on a treadmill – a one time Memorial Day thing – and guess what? I pumped out nearly 4 miles with relative ease. It felt AMAZING.
Of course, the thought occurred to me almost immediately – I have the hills to thank for this.
I hope, if life’s journey has presented lots of hills lately, that you will one day soon get to a point at which you can look back and credit the hills for building strength and endurance. Maybe you’ll even get to the point of thanking God for them. That’s my prayer for you today!
Happy Monday, Dry Ground friends!