Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take Aim

Unless you’re into abstract or eclectic photography, an unfocused picture can be quite upsetting. An unfocused future is also disturbing. On one hand, we can’t do anything about it… we must have faith. On the other hand, we can employ our wills to make decisions and act on those decisions that inevitably have an impact on our future.

The second question for the New Year to help us put our future more into focus is…

Name three ways you plan to serve or minister to other people this year.

My answer: #1 – Volunteer at crisis pregnancy center, #2 – write Dry Ground devotionals, #3 – listen better, give the benefit of the doubt.

Question three on Friday… thanks for spending time with me on Dry Ground!

(click here for Take Aim part 3)

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I'm glad you're back at the crisis pregnancy center, Lori. They will be blessed as will the people you meet who go in there!

KM Wilsher said...

I want to either volunteer at the inner city Christian Medical clinic, or our Prison Ministry, really put some work in the 12 step group at church, and do some work for my mom that she can't do!

Great posts! Have a great day :0)

Susanne Dietze said...

Thanks, Lori! You're really helping me put some things in perspective. I'm glad to hear about your ministries.

I'm putting some work into a prayer group for parents at church; helping out my in-laws; and trying to write more devotionals for the blog stuff. Among other things, sigh! But it's good to focus on our ministries!

SarahtheBaker said...

I really liked this. It's so important to look toward the future, and plan to become the people we want to be; but it's easy to get off track and neglect the every day decisions that lead us on that path. You've clearly outlined those: choosing to help others by "going to them" in a way that may be outside of our comfort zone, help others with our developed gifts and strengths, and choose to honor every day. :)

Thanks Lori!