Monday, February 8, 2010


Valentine’s Day is coming up on Sunday.

Some might say, “Who cares?” or “Why did you remind me?”

Don’t stop reading! I get it.

This man-made, commercialized, over-accentuated, so-called celebration of love can be irritating, even downright nauseating. It’s not really about love any more, not the real kind anyway.

Still, even in its most idealistic form, Valentine’s Day often backfires to make people question their worth, suggesting that if they are alone or single on this of all days, then they are somehow not valuable.

Of course, the single folks are not the only ones who question worth. I think the devil uses any longing or weakness we have to attack our feelings of worth or significance.

But I heard an analogy at church (thank you, Pastor McGinnis!) this past weekend that resonated with me on this issue, one that I’ll admit I battle. So I want to share it with you!

Take a crisp, clean, new $100-bill.

How much is it worth?

That’s easy, right? $100.

Okay. Take that same bill and crumple it, wrinkle it up into a tight, little ball.

Now how much is it worth?

No, I’m not kidding… or stupid. Just answer the question.

$100, right?

Alright. Next, take the crumpled ball, flatten it out a little, set it on your driveway, and run your car over it.


Stick with me through this hypothetical situation. (Because how many of us have an extra B. Franklin hanging around?)

Where were we? Oh, yes. $100-bill, on the ground, wrinkled, run-over, probably smeared with some oil or dirt.

How many of you would leave that bill on the driveway now? I mean, it’s ruined, right?

Not right.

It’s still worth $100!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like that abused bill – crumpled, dirty, run over, torn up a little. I mean, I’ve made bad decisions, I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, my plans haven’t worked out exactly like I’d hoped, I’ve encountered some pretty hefty obstacles that have left me scarred, beat up, tired. I’m ruined, right?

Not right.

Just like that $100-bill, my worth hasn’t changed. I’m still as valuable as the day my Creator formed me and gave me life. His grace, mercy and forgiveness, not to mention His unconditional love, guarantee that I am never ruined for or unworthy of the life He’s given.

So, no matter how you embrace or ignore this week pre-Valentine’s Day, remember the Source of your value.

Let the following song/video serve as an early Valentine to you from me and from God.

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Susanne Dietze said...

I love this analogy, Lori! What a powerful post. Thanks for the reminder of how much we're worth to our loving Lord.

lynnrush said...

Write on, sister!! So true. And when you say, I'm still as valuable as the day my Creator formed me and gave me life" is RIGHT ON!

Great post, Lori.

KM Wilsher said...

Wow, very sweet and I take this to heart this week. There have been times in the past V-day has been like D-day. . . This year, I am okay. Maybe getting set in my ways and not much looking anymore, I don't know.

However, I see article after book after talk show on how to "get a man". I am at the point, and have been for a while, I will wait on God. No formula, secret, list, or plan will get me a man -- if the Lord has him, we will meet. If the Lord does not, I am complete in Him!

(A certian Twilight devotional helped along the way hee hee)