Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This Day in History

Many good things happened on this very day, February 3rd.

In 1815, the world’s first cheese factory opened in Switzerland.

In 1870, the 15th Amendment to the Constitution (Black Suffrage) passed.

In 1929, Major Seagraves established a new land speed record at Daytona Beach – 231.4 mph.

In 1993, Gloria Estefan received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And in 2002, the New England Patriots won their first Super Bowl.

None of these particularly make a huge impact on my life, although the world would be completely different without the 15th Amendment and I’m certainly glad it exists. But each event I listed did mean something to the folks involved. A happy day for them. And important for them to remember, a blessing to count.

Counting our blessings is an important exercise. It’s different than wallowing or living in the past. Looking back to commemorate good things, especially when God’s hand was involved, is a good thing.

God told the Israelites numerous times to remember what He did for them, even erect monuments to Him marking great events like the parting of the Red Sea and crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. Every time a rainbow appears in the sky, God reminds us of His faithfulness to Noah and to us. Jesus initiated the Last Supper specifically to remember (and even though it wasn’t for a good thing – His death – it lead to the good thing – His resurrection and our salvation!)

Remembering God’s hand moving in our lives and counting His blessings serve as a solid foundation on which to build the future.

So, I shall demonstrate.

This day in history, in 1993, seventeen years ago, my Daniel and I shared our first kiss. J


This day in history, in 1994, sixteen years ago, my Daniel asked me to marry him!

God has blessed me abundantly because of this day and the many others that have followed. My life would not have been the same without February 3rd.

Have you counted your blessings recently?

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this post. And that ring picture, fantasic ring.

I love how you call him My Daniel. Such an endearing way to address him. Love it. You've been together a long time and are still so close. It's stories like this that bring hope to many.

Congrats on your February 3rd!! :-)

lex rogers said...

i remember that day! hard to believe its been that long ago! thanks for taking good care of dan all these years!