Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Meek & Mighty

Remember Cinderella Man? Russell Crowe movie about real-life boxer, Jim Braddock? It's probably one of my top-ten favorite movies of all time.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. If you have, you should watch it again.

For those of you who know I am a Russell fan, I don’t recommend it on his merits alone. He’s just an added bonus for me.

The story is inspirational and challenging and encouraging. It tells about facing struggles in every day life. It teaches us not to give up… ever. It shows us it’s possible to get up one more time, throw one more punch, resurrect from a desperate situation stronger than before. It highlights family and love and relationships and faith. It demonstrates humility, boldness, confidence and victory.

We face struggles every day – some thrust upon us, some of our own doing, some purely in our imaginations and fears. This story incorporates biblical principles to illustrate how we can face those struggles bravely and victoriously. The journey will still be difficult, we’ll get pummeled and bloodied and knocked down. But if we just get up one more time, throw one more punch, keep on with every ounce of strength and fight left in us, we’ll win.

How do I know?

Because the fight has already been called. And the winner is Jesus.

I hope the following video montage/song encourages someone today! (Sorry, it won't let me embed) CLICK HERE TO WATCH! You'll be glad you did!!

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lynnrush said...

Yeah, I'm not feelin' it for Cinderella Man. Two of my least favorite actors, that's for sure. It just feels so sad and gloomy. I know I should get over that and watch it through to the end and I'll be glad I did. I just haven't been able to do it yet.

Lori Lundquist said...

Lynn, I think our natures resist struggle, so watching a movie like this (and Pursuit of Happyness is another one) is hard and unenjoyable to so many! But getting to the end is the whole point! Wading through the muddle to the victory is the best part! :-) And if you identify at all with the character, you feel better being part of a like-minded group. I like this story because it shows that when I'm down and out, I'm not defeated. I think happy thoughts, actually. Haha. Anyway, have a great day!

KM Wilsher said...

Hey I love this:

Because the fight has already been called. And the winner is Jesus.

And I found POH was dark and slow, but Cinderella, no. I found it very inspiring. Very romantic. Very much the feelings you felt. And I do not like Renee. The story made me hardly notice she was there.

Great post and conversation ;)