Friday, March 12, 2010

Moving Music

As you read this, I’m in a Penske somewhere between Knoxville, TN and Austin, TX. So I hope you’ll forgive me if I keep this short.

Another recent favorite song, again off the new Toby Mac CD, I did not notice it right away between funky Jesus music and other jivin’ rhythms that are instrumental in keeping me going through miles three and four.

But as I started really listening to track 6, the simple lyrics inspired me. I imagined physically seeing God’s face and pondered the effect it would have on me. And I wondered if spiritually seeing God’s face has made any marked change. I sure hope so, continuously and eternally. The song makes me rejoice in His intimacy and love toward me.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Weekend! I’ll see you next week… live from Austin, Texas!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Toby Mac. I'm gonna go download this song, girl. Thanks!!

Hey, I hope you have safe travels. Praying that God goes before you and paves the road to a great life in TX!

Miss you tons.

KM Wilsher said...

Okay, so there is one perk of your moving around so much:
ROAD TRIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love road trips. Wishin I was hanging in that perfect back seat listening to Toby Mac lyrics with you!

yup. praying you guys are safe and can't wait to hear from you Live in Austin!!! (I hear that is one of the top 5 cities to live in the US. Way to go!)