Monday, March 14, 2011

Movies You Might Have Missed Monday – Writers’ Edition

Every Monday here on Dry Ground, I highlight a favorite movie of mine that, because of its age or obscurity or disfavor with the critics, you might have missed. In addition, for the month of March, I’m picking the ones featuring writers as main characters.

Two of my favorite things working in concert together – writing and movies.

While this week’s pick will sound similar to last week’s, The Philadelphia Story, it’s amazing how different of a movie it turns out to be.

His Girl Friday, from 1940 and directed by Howard Hawks, also stars Cary Grant, this time opposite of Rosalind Russell. Again, they are a previously married couple, she is engaged to someone else, and he is trying to win her back. And again, one of them, Rosalind, is a newspaper editor/writer.

A key plot point differs, however, as part of Russell’s character, Hildy’s, persuasion to stay on at the paper comes from a hot story – an accused murderer on death row claiming innocence.

Among such serious circumstances, Grant’s character, Walter Burns, weaves in and out with charm and wit to convince his once-bride to stay on at the paper, do what she does best, and reconsider their relationship.

I like this movie not only because it is funny and because I love to watch Grant do his thing, but also because Russell’s Hildy acts on a heavy conscience, ultimately ignoring what she wants personally to do what is right and what maintains her integrity. A bonus, too, is that Burns’ love is based on the fact that he knows Hildy better than anyone, and adores her for it. The superfluous fiancé has intentions of taking her from her editor/writer life and making a housewife out of her. Of course, nothing wrong with being a housewife (it’s my number one occupation dream, actually), but the point is that’s not Hildy, and Burns knows it.

So, check out His Girl Friday – a fun, sweet, sound, classic romantic comedy.

Two extras I need to add here today – diverting from the usual Monday agenda.

First, the bad news that we all already have witnessed on the news – Japan. Wow. What a tragedy. Just saying, I’m sure they are in all our thoughts and prayers. (Luke 21)

Finally, we’ll end on the good news! My sister/friend writer buddy, Lynn Rush, signed her first book deal last week! Join me as I rejoice with her! Congratulations and God Bless, Lynn! (Click HERE to check out her web page!)

Happy Monday, Dry Ground friends!

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Fun Memories said...

oh 2 of my favs. Just watched Born Yesterday Judy Holiday. what a voice and so interesting how movies in the early 50's allowed men to treat women. But we did enjoy it.