Monday, March 28, 2011

Vacation - 3/28 thru 4/1

I love writing. And I love writing three times a week on Dry Ground, even though I’ve had to modify the entries a little to fit my full-time schedule. Even if no one is reading it (which I know is not true, but even if it was), I love writing on Dry Ground because it’s therapeutic to me!

However, I’ve managed to post something every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for nineteen months in a row!

So I figured that while I am taking a vacation from work for a week, I would also take a vacation from Dry Ground for the week as well.

I hope that when I get back in the saddle next Monday, I’ll be rested, revived and armed with fresh perspective to share!

I’ll miss you all, but I’m looking forward to getting away for a little while.

See you back here April 4th!

Be blessed, Dry Ground friends!

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Anonymous said...

You definately deserve a vacation!! Enjoy your time away. As much as I will miss your tri-weekly posts, I'll look forward to reconnecting next week. :o)