Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dry Ground – 5-4-11 – POV Wednesdays – Moms

This weekend is Mother’s Day! Have you ordered the flowers, sent the cards, wrapped the gifts? Let this be a friendly reminder.

Growing up allots us the opportunity to see our moms from many different perspectives. She can be a disciplinarian, a playmate, a caretaker, a teacher, a nurse. She can be our biggest fan or our deepest scar. She can be our confident, or the source of public humiliation. She can be super hero or villain.

All of these, of course, depend on our perspectives. Age, temperament, circumstance, disposition, mood. As a teenager, for example, perspective is affected by so many things, we might not have had an accurate one when it came to our parents.

Here’s a thought – when did you first see your mom as a person, one with her own thoughts, fears, hopes, concerns, and feelings? When I did, it changed my perspective. The bones I thought I had to pick from childhood were of smaller importance. Realizing her humanity answered a lot of questions, sparked compassion and inspired forgiveness.

Oh, the power of perspective.

Personally, I like the perspective I have of my mom now that I’m 30-something – equal parts mom and friend. I’m enjoying being co-adults with her, even though I’d enjoy it more if we lived closer to one another! But even though we’re friends, she’s still MOM. And I know I can go to her for anything.

Take a minute this weekend to see things from mom’s perspective. Shower appreciation on her!! Most likely, she is even GREATER than you give her credit for.

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Thank you, Lori

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