Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend Tune Up

Last weekend, my Daniel and I ODed on movies - saw three! One of them was Madea's Big Happy Family, another addition to Tyler Perry's set of iconic characters from his stage plays led by family matron Madea. I haven't seen all of Perry's movies, but I enjoy Madea's rough and tumble humor, moralizing and over reactions. Besides the laughs, I admire Perry's commitment to identifying real people with real problems and offering Jesus' love and forgiveness as remedy and redemption.

I had the pleasure of shaking Mr. Perry's hand about a month ago and conveying my appreciation for his stories. My Daniel shook his hand too and told him, "Keep preaching the Word." Of course, THAT got his attention, probably because in the setting he wasn't expecting anyone to say such a thing. He smiled, though, and said, "I will."
Years ago when Perry's movies started to hit theatres, I got curious about the stage plays. So I rented one of them, a taping of one of their live performances of What's Done in the Dark. That's where I found this song that I wanted to share with you today.
Mrs. Tamela J. Mann, who is known for playing Cora in the Madea-themed plays/movies, has an AMAZING set of pipes. But what makes this selection awesome is her HEART. She starts out singing a song in the course of a play, but ends up praising the Lord with no reservations and exhorting/encouraging the audience.
So, get ready to have some CHURCH!
PLEASE, take a minute to tune up for your weekend and CLICK HERE (because youtube wouldn't let me embed - sorry) to listen to Mrs. Mann sing "Step Aside" during the stage production of Tyler Perry's What's Done in the Dark.
Happy Weekending! Don't forget to give your mom at least a thousand extra hugs and thanks!