Friday, January 20, 2012

The Center of the Universe

It's only been a few hundred years since a majority of the world's population believed that the world was flat. It was only after they proved that the earth is not the center of the universe did people begin to believe that traveling toward the horizon did not mean falling off any cosmic ledge.

Think about the people living during that time. What an astronomical (literally!) perspective change they faced! I wonder - would I be one who went to my grave not accepting the Truth that Earth is round and revolves around the Sun? Or would I be enlightened and embrace the Truth and all the exciting revelations that come with it?
We can't imagine that kind of choice - whether or not to believe the earth is round or not? It's universal knowledge now, right? Everybody knows the Sun is center of our solar system.
Actually, maybe we can imagine that kind of choice - because it's kind of like discovering that your own personal planet isn't the center of the universe either. You find out that it isn't you holding all the other bodies in alignment. Right relationships don't happen because the other planets revolve around YOU. Harmony and balance occur when all bodies, including yourself, revolve around the Son, have the Son as the source of life.
When you embrace the Truth of that, an exciting perspective shift occurs. And other exciting revelations fill your life with peace, direction, love and contentment.