Sunday, January 29, 2012

Secure Vessel

I’ve always wanted to name a boat.

If I ever really had the opportunity, what would I choose? Name it after a person I love, a favorite book or movie, or a clever, ironic phrase to make people smile?

Recently, I discarded all those notions and decided I’d name my boat “His Will.”


Because, then, no matter if the boat is big or small, grand or simple, even new or old, I would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that boat won’t sink.

No matter how difficult or easy that boat is to operate, I can believe I won’t be stranded on high or stagnant seas.

No matter how long it takes to get to the ‘golden shore’ as it were, I can trust that my boat will indeed make it there safely.

“His Will’ is the only vessel I want to be on. Getting on board is the best move any of us will ever take.

Blessings, my Dry Ground friends.

(photo by Yours Truly)