Monday, February 13, 2012

No Extra Parts

One of my favorite movies of 2011 is Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. I’d love to see it win Best Picture, one of the 11 Oscars it’s nominated for, on February 26th but that would be an unexpected surprise. It’s a stunning visual journey with memorable characters learning valuable life lessons in a relatable story that cuts to the quick of every heart watching.

Hugo is a fixer, a clockmaker, a trade he inherited from his deceased father. At the time of his father’s passing, they were together working on restoring an automaton, a robot of sorts, that holds a message. It is able to write and Hugo believes that if he can get it working, he’ll discover a message from his father. As an orphan in early 1900 Paris, he’s alone and searching for his purpose.

Because of his background in clock making, Hugo visualizes life as a grand machine, with millions of essential moving parts. He figures that in a machine, there are no extra parts. Each part has a function, therefore, he has a function. He matters. He is valuable. He has a place. He has a purpose.

As a Christian, the machine theory works to an extent, but of course we focus on the Maker of the machine more than the machine itself. The Maker is the One giving each part its purpose. Walking in close communion with Him, we the parts can observe and learn and discover the purpose He intended for our lives.

Though our talents are all as unique as our DNA as well as our personalities and sum total of experiences good and bad, our overall purpose in life is to love. Love God our Maker with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor (fellow parts) as ourselves. There are many avenues by which to demonstrate this love, thus our individuality. One body, many parts. Not one part is more or less valuable than another. It all works differently, but together, for the glory of the Maker.

Beware parts, however, that you don’t start telling the Maker His business, trying to take over the impossible feat of acting the maker. The Maker has a design, a plan that dictates what works and what doesn’t. One part going his own way apart from the design disrupts the machine. It is possible for a part to break. Then the only rescue is to have the Maker fix it.

How wonderful that the Maker fixes us broken parts with love.

Thanks for your patience and support, Dry Ground friends! Be blessed this week!

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