Friday, February 24, 2012

And the Oscar Goes To…

This weekend is one of my favorites because the Oscars air Sunday. This year, I get to watch it on my birthday, which is a special treat.

I know, they’re political. They’ve stopped representing the actual best pictures of the year, in many opinions. However, the beauty of the film medium is its subjectivity, and I like to be witness to what ‘they’ consider reward-worthy movie-making. Disagreeing and agreeing is part of the fun… for me.

Also I like to rate the glamorous dresses worn on the red carpet.

Anyway, chances are you haven’t heard of much less seen many of the nine Best Picture nominations. Here they are…

Hugo – Seen, LOVED, would love to see it win but it probably won’t

The Artist – Seen, LOVED, has a chance of winning but may be bumped by…

The Descendents – Seen, not a fan, don’t see why it would win but has a good chance to

War Horse – Didn’t see, strangely don’t want to though I’ve heard good things, probably will eventually

The Help – Seen, LOVED, a fan fave but I don’t think it has a chance at Best Pic

The Tree of Life – Saw part of, need to be in a different mood to watch all, it’s…eclectic, artsy

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close –Didn’t see, would love to just haven’t had the time.

Moneyball – Seen, LOVED, no chance at Best Pic but a great movie nonetheless

Midnight in Paris – Seen, LOVED, more kudos for writing than anything, way to go Woody Allen.

So I guess we’ll find out Sunday. Well, I will anyway. For the record, I’d like to request Hugo to win big as a birthday present to me. OK? Thanks.

Have an enjoyable weekend, Dry Ground friends! Love ya’ll!

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