Friday, March 30, 2012


I’ve been thinking about this word a lot – MAGNITUDE.

What does it bring to your mind?

Earthquake comes to mine first. It’s how we measure the extent and power of the very earth beneath our feet trembling and shaking and shifting.

But ‘magnitude’ also describes the level of brightness of celestial bodies - stars, for example.

So magnitude in both cases equals POWER.

It seems to me that when we talk about power, though awe-inspiring, we are also talking about destruction. Earthquakes produce mayhem on a scale parallel to their magnitude or power. A star’s brightness reveals to us the explosive nuclear power going on to such an extent that we can see it millions of miles away.

Why, then, while having my quiet time a few mornings ago, did I think of the word ‘magnitude’ in association with Jesus and what He’s done for me?

Hopefully, it’s obvious.

However, in my every-day knowledge and appreciation of salvation, I don’t view it with the proper sense of magnitude.

The magnitude of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the grave should shake me up like an earthquake, destroying every doubt and worry I entertain when the going gets tough. It should out-shine any problem or barrier I face with the force of a far-away star exploding from the middle of my heart.

It should, but it doesn’t – not on a daily basis. Why?

Because, I don’t let it. I don’t meditate on it for long enough, allowing the events or issues or worries of the day crowd in before I can reach the realization – again – today - the magnitude of Jesus’ sacrifice and victory.

If I did that, I might just live differently.

Happy Palm Sunday Weekend, Dry Ground Friends! Be abundantly blessed!

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