Friday, March 2, 2012

Greenest Grass

Since this winter has been so mild, I have many opportunities to take my mom’s little doggie, Samson, on walks. Sometimes we truck around the neighborhood and other times we drive over to a path that winds around a lake.

Samson may be small, but he can keep quite a pace! I can even jog and he tugs me along.

Like most dogs, he shows great excitement when we are preparing to go outside and takes every canine pleasure in running, sniffing, chasing, digging and just being outside in general.

However, every time we get home, especially if we’ve been walking around the neighborhood and he sees his house from a block’s distance, his gait increases. No matter how much fun he’s had on his walk, he’s always happy to get home. I know this because as soon as we hit the lawn, he plops down and rolls in the grass as if to say, “There’s no better place. I’m home. This is my yard.”

It makes me think of the hope of my Heavenly Home.

As Christians, we have the hope of an eternal, secure, perfect Paradise. No, not a never-ending church service. More like a new and improved (if that’s possible) Garden of Eden in which to spend happily ever after with our Perfect Lover.

It’s a hope that keeps us tugging the leash through both the good and the bad during this ‘walk’ of life. And no matter how much I am enjoying my ‘walk,’ I anticipate spotting that yard from a block’s distance, increasing my gait, plopping down and rolling in the greenest, sweetest, most fragrant and soft grass I’d ever seen or felt or smelt. I will declare at the top of my lungs, “There’s no better place! I’m home! This is my eternal yard!”

Thank You, Jesus, for making this hope a reality!

(photo by Yours Truly)