Wednesday, October 31, 2012


When I was a kid, I marveled at the thought of reaching twenty years old. Some days, I even feared I wouldn’t make it that far! Not because of any destructive behaviors or dangers I faced, but just the thought of the massive amount of years twenty seemed. I mean, to a ten year old, that’s not just old that’s ancient!
How blown would my ten-year-old self be to imagine me now – nearly twice the far-reaching goal of getting to twenty. Back then, would ten-year-old me even dare to imagine spending twenty years with the best friend anyone could ever ask for, twenty years with the man God intended all along for only me, twenty years with my other half?
It all started on that Kentucky Halloween night twenty years ago on the campus of Asbury College in the student center – the spark that lit the fire –one evening that determined all other evenings since – God saw it fit to have two paths cross – my Daniel and I met.
Twenty years ago today…and I thought I loved him then.
Love you, babe!
Happy Halloween, Dry Ground friends. Be safe!
(photo by yours truly - Sept. 2012)


Sarah Baker said...

How awesome! Happy anniversary Dan and Lori!! :)