Monday, October 1, 2012

The Florida Files - Experiences

This week, while I'm unpacking in my new Virginia home, I thought I'd share some images from our time in Florida. I hope you enjoy!
This first installment is a selection of various experiences with my co-adventurer that we will remember as 'the best of times.'

This is the scene from our apartment building about ten seconds AFTER we finished unpacking the moving truck! Talk about perfect timing!

Of course, the very first weekend we lived in FL, we went to the beach. Subway on the seashore - can't beat that!

A 'signature' picture in the Adventures of Dan and Lori files. 

While we lived in FL, we celebrated the big 4-0 for my Daniel! Part of the day included this quirky little cupcake cafe in Sarasota, FL.

Key lime and chocolate peanut butter... delicious! We'd vote them to win on Cupcake Wars!

I don't know what day or at what beach I took this, but I call it my 'personal 007' photo. *smile*

One day trip we made took us to Sanibel Island, a place I visited with my grandparents when I was eight. Also went on vacation there with my parents and cousin, Shannon. There in 1982, I ate key lime pie, the way it SHOULD be made, for the first time. So of course, I had to have a piece in 2012 and share it with my Daniel. It lived up to the memory!
On Wednesday, I'll share some of the amazing wildlife we saw in FL. Hope to see you then! Have a great week, Dry Ground friends!