Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2 Movie Review

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The theatrical conclusion to the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn 2, comes in a gift-wrapped box with a tidy bow. But that’s just a disguise for the jack-in-the-box surprise. The result signs, seals and delivers an exciting finale for not only die-hard Twi-fans but also movie-goers in general, providing much more action and better effects than anyone expected.
Perhaps the reason this film works has something to do with the camaraderie of the cast. It looked like a family reunion – just not of all the obscure, awkward relatives. Here we have all the beautiful people, used to each other, fond of each other, and aware that this is the last one. They have proven all that’s needed, relaxing them into better versions of themselves. It’s much easier to watch and it presents the story in a purer way. Of course, it helps that the new additions are cut from the same cloth.
Fans of the book will see key scenes, including Bella’s arm wrestling match with Emmett. The pace has a Goldilocks doing the tango feel – sometimes too slow (too much standing around), sometimes too fast (skipping or condensing elements that would have been nice to see), but much of the time just right (covering all the bases perfectly).
The ‘twist’ everyone is talking about isn’t really what I’d call a twist. I hope I’m not spoiling anything to define it more as an ‘interpretation.’ And it works. Gasps sound collectively across the theatre, the intended reaction I’m sure, and I must admit I admire its cleverness. Not only for its shock value, but because it translated a story that occurs chiefly in Bella’s head into the visible world of action.
I had a few favorite moments. Carter Burwell returns to score, adding familiar melodies that lace each of the movies together to embody the true sense of the word ‘saga.’ Billy Burke, who plays Bella’s father Charlie Swan, has little screen time, but his moments are classic Charlie and add well-timed smiles. I love how they did the final scene during which, as those who read the book know, Edward reads Bella’s mind for the first time. It serves as a surprisingly non-cheesy recap of the entire saga, leaving the audience with the appropriate warm-fuzzy, lovey feeling. And then the credits impressed me as they showed picture and name of all the cast members in each of the five films. I thought that was classy.
Well, that’s a wrap! Thanks for taking this journey with me, Dry Ground friends. It has truly meant a lot to me.