Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The Bible uses the words ‘thank,’ ‘thanks,’ ‘thanksgiving,’ and ‘praise’ hundreds of times. Why do you think that is?
Well, the easy answer is that it is because God wants us to be thankful – all the time no matter what.
That’s true.
But from a human perspective, that seems as unobtainable as the command that we be ‘perfect’ as Christ is perfect.
Funny thing I learned – that’s true too.
The unobtainable part. It is impossible to be perfect without Jesus, which is the point. I wonder why humanity’s quest from the beginning of time has been to be perfect alone?
That’s a different subject. My question is why does the Bible implore us so much to be thankful? Is it just another bar set too high that we wave up at from flat on our backs?
Nope. I don’t think so.
God tells us to thank and praise in all things because He knows that life is going to hit us hard, throw up roadblocks, demolish our house of cards. He knows. And so… He lovingly and mercifully equips us to combat the blues that accompany the hard knocks of life. In telling us to thank and praise in all things, He’s telling us how to survive and be victorious over the rough patches, the sad moments, even the unthinkably catastrophic.
Because we are humans with limited perspective and intense emotions, giving thanks is often the very last thing we think of doing or want to do. It is hard to give thanks. I can think of some situations different people I know are going through, and boy oh boy, giving thanks is definitely not on the agenda if I were them.
However, God’s Word tells us to do it because it works. Thanksgiving, gratitude, and praise are the only remedy for a broken heart. How intimately loving of the Father to give us such a tool.
While it is lovely to gather with family and friends during the Thanksgiving Holiday, eat, lounge, play, nap, and list off the things you are thankful for, resolve to maintain an attitude of gratitude all year long. It is the best way to ensure life, and life more abundant.
Happy Thanksgiving, Dry Ground friends!