Monday, April 29, 2013

Cash Register Finger

You know those black levers that are in cash registers to keep the stacks of bills in each row orderly? Well, they’re useful, but they are also kinda annoying. Especially for a box office employee on a busy Friday or Saturday night. Transactions are done at a pretty quick pace. Not only speed, but frequency like when a group of teenagers meet up to go to the movies together, paying separately.
Teen: One for such-n-such movie.
Me: 8.75.
Teen hands over a $20.
Me: Out of 20. $11.25 is your change. Thank you.
Repeat – Repeat – Repeat – etc. etc. etc.
Each time, I hook my index finger around one of those black levers to put the bill in its place, then hook and lift another to get change – again, over and over and over.
Guess what? I have a sore index finger at the end of the night. Sometimes even a bruise!
Here’s the lesson I gain from that – anything you do repeatedly shows.
Whether it is something good or bad, whatever we do as a habit, on a regular basis, over and over – it’s going to show in our bodies, our attitudes, somewhere in our lives.
That goes for sins – hidden or otherwise. So don’t kid yourselves.
But it also means that making of habit of allowing God to reign in your life – guaranteed, it’ll show.
Happy Monday, Dry Ground friends!