Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Great and Knowable God

In response to Monday's sad event at the Boston Marathon, a young man my Daniel was speaking with said, "Times like this just make you want to pray." True that. But as the conversation continued, he also stated, "I'm not a Christian or anything, but I do believe there's a god."
I thought it so interesting that this person voiced his desire to pray. I believe when senseless tragedies such as the bombings in Boston occur, our DNA kicks in - that built-in desire for help from Someone stronger and more powerful and able than we our tiny selves are. We suddenly feel small, helpless, and a mite bit like sitting ducks.
It saddens me, however, that this person was quick to clarify he did not in any way ascribe to a certain god.
So... who is he planning to pray to then? And... why?
One thing I rarely ponder, but sit back in awe whenever I do, is the fact that God - THE God, the ONLY God  - is indeed knowable. He desires relationship with us and has gone to great lengths to introduce Himself to us in a personal way.
By all means, my friends, listen to your instincts to pray! Especially now. Just be sure you are not praying to the air! There is a God and He sees and hears and He's able to speak and act and answer. If you don't know to Whom you pray, don't fret. Just... ask. Ask God. He promised - seek, and you will find.
Hug some necks today, Dry Ground friends!