Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In God We Trust

Lately, amid a few tight spots, I’ve pondered the bottom line of navigating life.

Each person captains their ship differently, according to personality, experience, resource, relationships.

I’m more of a wait and see kind of person.

My Daniel is more the persistent type, the pro-active guy.

We all know worriers, bull-dozers, pragmatics, bean-counters, dreamers, discontents… as many people as there are on this planet, that’s how many combinations of captains exist.

Sometimes I wonder… should I be more aggressive? Other times… shouldn’t my Daniel be more patient? Yes, probably, to both of those.

The thing is, no matter what your disposition, there is a common bottom line for us all that will guide us through murky and clear waters alike. And that is trusting God.

Cliché? No. Impossible? No. Impractical? No. Useless? No.

Trusting God applies to every situation, every decision, every personality, every crisis, every joy… everything.

Lonely? Trust God.

Scared? Trust God.

Sick? Trust God.

Hurting? Trust God.

Abandoned? Trust God.

Jilted? Trust God.

Betrayed? Trust God.

Waiting? Trust God.

Confused? Trust God.

Searching? Trust God.

In need? Trust God.

Ashamed? Trust God.

How about happy? Trust God.

Prospering? Trust God.

Growing? Trust God.

The bottom line to everything will always be to trust God.

By all means, socialize if you’re lonely, go to the doctor if you’re sick, ask questions if you’re confused.

But our hearts don’t beat purely for science’s or chance’s sake. Each one is a gift from God.

If that be the case (and it is), how can we not trust His timing, healing, provision, protection?

Maybe we worry because we don’t believe that God loves us enough to be so intimately involved in each of our lives?

Well… He does. Again, our every heartbeat proves it.

But more than that, Jesus proved it when He gave up His heartbeats for us.

I’m not trying to be over-dramatic. On the contrary, my intent is to simplify.

Just… trust God.

Here… maybe I’m not getting it out right today. This song speaks to what I’m feeling. I hope you listen, read along with the lyrics, and are encouraged! Happy Wednesday!

Oh, and stay tuned – coming soon a true story of God’s love, perfect timing, and trust-worthiness. I hope you’ll stop by Dry Ground on Friday!

Enjoy Addison Road!


Anonymous said...

LOVE this.
And I love Addison Road. Saw them in concert last summer (Oh wait, was it two summers ago now...jeepers time flies). They're great I have a lot of their songs on my iTunes...but not this one.

I'm off to get it!

Thanks, Lori!!

Susanne Dietze said...

I needed to read this, Lori. Thank you!

I enjoy Addison Road. They were at the Rock and Worship Roadshow last year but I totally missed them while I was in a t-shirt line. Ugh!