Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sound of Silence

I’m sitting in the lobby of a business, waiting for my Daniel, taking advantage of the free WiFi in the meantime.

Since music is essential in my writing process, I stick ear buds in to listen to the specific playlists that I’ve constructed.

Yet, besides the music pulsing against my eardrums, I also hear the soundtracks pounding out of the lobby’s hidden sound system.

Yes, I could turn up my iTunes, but too loud just produces a buzzing headache.

Then, I also hear snippets of conversations from people walking close by, and every once in a while a service person from this place of business speaks to me.

Oh, and my right ear bud is on the fritz, so it’s sizzling against a dying wire connection.

All of that, plus my thoughts volleying in my head makes it difficult, to say the least, to concentrate on anything.

It seems life is full of noise these days. I was at the mall last weekend, and a digital poster case that not only moves and flashes and dances, spoke to me as I passed. Just what we need – more noise.

Everything vying for our attentions shouts simultaneously creating one noisy ruckus! It drowns out life, makes me numb.

That’s why I like to hike – on remote trails far beyond the sounds of civilization – away from whirring traffic or humming electrical lines even.

I don’t get to do that very often. I mean, a desert island would be ideal, but it's a luxury!

So… where can I go for some peace and quiet??

A sanctuary is an important place to find because there we can hear the peaceful whisper of the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes it can be as simple as turning off the television, or the radio in the car, or our cell phones to off. Other times, we have to search it out. I don’t often take the time to do that, and end up paying for it with discontent, exhaustion, irritability.

I think I’ll work on that this week – search out the quiet.

Because while music and conversation and dialogue can all be inspiring, the sound of silence makes way for the Voice of my Creator, the source of all inspiration.

Do you have a quiet space? What do you do to shut out the noise of modern living?

Hope you’re having a peaceful Wednesday! Be blessed!

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Anonymous said...

"search out the quiet" LOVE that.

It's so true. There's so much noise around these days. . .

I have a quiet place I go to every morning when I read/pray for about 20 minutes. No music. No TV. No computer. Nothing.

I love it.

I, too, need to search out a bit more of that these days, I think. :-)

KM Wilsher said...

Oh boy. . .I really like this one. I am right there with you as you write. . .great post.

I am traveling this weekend-my grandad's funeral- I hope there are a few quiet moments. But I like that you said "search out the quiet" That is probably the only way I will find it.

I think getting up early not only 'gets the worm' but scores some quiet :)

Have a great week Lori!