Friday, November 5, 2010

He's So Good To Me

As you may know, hiking is one of my Daniel’s and my favorite pastimes. We’ve been blessed to live in many places offering majestic hiking spots, and Billings is no exception. Practically in our back yard is a fantastic 3-mile round trip hike along The Rims, which overlooks the entire Billings valley. We’ve made a habit of getting up there any time the weather is at all nice enough to be out, and we’ve been blessed with a prolonged Autumn with temperatures in the 60s, even into November. Amazing.

For as many hikes as my Daniel and I have been on, we’ve gotten away with few accidents. A slip here, a wrong step there, a too-close brush against a sharp branch, but nothing causing permanent damage or even any major inconveniences.

I’m thankful to say that hasn’t changed.

But… a couple days ago, I did take a spill during our run/hike. I have a few souvenirs from that fall. A scraped up knee, forearm and hand.

Still, though, nothing terrible. Yes, it stung like a whole hive of bees when I poured peroxide down my leg, but compared to what could have been, a minor inconvenience at worst.

When things like this happen, I try to take the time to thank God for protecting me from what could have happened. My Daniel said that when he turned to see me going down, my head just missed a rock.

So, I just wanted to say “thank you, Lord” publicly, because He sure has been good to me – during our hikes as well as in every other area of my life.

This weekend, take the time think of all the ways He’s been good to you.

(photos by Yours Truly J )


Anonymous said...

Wow, Lori, your leg - ouch! I passed on your blog and book title to a friend the other night. She is an avid reader, loved Redeemer, so I told her to put Chandeliers in the Sky on her list. Hope all is well. Come to Oregon sometime! Hugs,

lynnrush said...

Ouch! Glad it wasn't worse, but yikes, this doesn't look fun, either. . . I can relate to how it feels to take a good spill, so hang in there.