Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Be Continued...

As a lover of story, I not only want to know what happens next, I’m in a hurry to know what happens next.

One of the most powerful story telling tools is that daunting, often maddening, cliff-hanging phrase – to be continued.

Arrrrrrggggg! You mean, I have to wait to find out?

Writers sit back and snicker, “Yep… and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

But none of us get so mad that we don’t tune in whenever the next installment is available.

I’ve found that life throws similar speed bumps into the road, those hairpin curves marked by signs that read: To Be Continued.

In other words… we have to wait to find out what happens next.

It may come as a surprise to us that God is never in a hurry.

From our perspective, danger or a specific need or want may seem absolutely imminent. We worry, fret, rip out our hair, cry and complain, maybe even raise a fist to God demanding to know why He doesn’t hurry up!

The great thing is that God is always on time.

And that timing is almost always much, much longer than our perspective can fathom.

You see… He sees that big picture. He knows that in a short amount of time, He might grow a squash. But given time, He could grow an oak.*

If you keep encountering “to be continued” in life’s pursuits, be patient. God’s got grand plans for you!

Thanks for spending a part of your Wednesday with me here on Dry Ground!

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*AH Strong concept in The Green Letters, pg. 14


lynnrush said...

Ahhhh. To be continued -- those are frustrating words. But yes, they do make you learn patience, don't they? Sometimes I get frustrated by that, but ultimately trust God's grander plan. He's got my back!