Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winning Record

Who would have predicted the Dallas Cowboys, with their fancy new stadium and celebrated quarterback, would be having such a horrible season?

Of eight games, they’ve won only one this season! That’s like… the Detroit Lions… or worse than the Lions, actually. *cringe*

If you're a Cowboy's fan - I’m not - but if you are, it’s got to be a disappointment.

But lives go on. After all, it's just another season.

For someone else, though, it means life changes completely. The head coach, Wade Phillips, was fired on Monday because of the sinking season.

In the world of football, we all saw this coming.

Whether the losing season is due to bad coaching or bad playing, or a combination of the two, or none of the above – maybe it’s the excelling of the other teams – whatever the case may be, the top man, the head, is the one who always gets the ax.

What a huge amount of pressure to live under.

Especially when we all grow up under the cliché “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play that counts.”

Tell that to Wade Phillips.

Look, I don’t know that much about football. Ask my friend Jonathan Moore if Phillips really deserved to get fired or not.

My thought on the whole episode is this:

I’m so glad my life is not based at all on whether I win or lose.

I think I spent a lot of my childhood believing God considered me exactly like Jerry Jones looks at his head coaches – as long as I’m having a winning season – more wins than losses – more goods than bads – then I still have a job as Child of God. But if I get on a losing streak – watch out! The ax will be hovering overhead!

How blessed I am to know that that’s as far from the truth as I could get.

I go through life – wining some, losing some. The great thing, the tally in each column makes no difference to my Perfect Lover, Jesus, because the winning part has already been taken care of – 2000+ years ago on a hill called Calvary.

We get so bogged down fighting battles when what we should be doing is rejoicing that the battle is already won. We can’t do anything to make the win more of a win, and we sure can’t do anything to cause that win to become a loss.

We only lose when we refuse to depend 100% on the Victor.

While I feel a little bad for Wade Phillips losing his job, I hope he knows that life is not lost just because the Cowboys are suffering a losing season.

And I hope you know that as far as eternity is concerned, winning depends only on choosing the right team. The One who’s already Won.

Happy Wednesday, Dry Ground friends!

(photo by Yours Truly! J )


KM Wilsher said...

Lori, What to say about this post? About this gift God has given you? Writing. I guess I say thank you for being you, for developing and using the gift He gave you. . .because in being you, I am encouraged, blessed, given grace.

Reading this was needed and welcomed today. . .I think it was Divine intervention that led me here in my few spare moments this a.m.

Love you, girl - and miss you horribly!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring post, Lori. You have amazing insight. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

Wow. when you said, "...winning depends only on choosing the right team. The One who’s already Won." That hit home! it's so true. He's already won, that's the team we're on if we so choose.

THANKS for this!

Amy Meyer said...

Very true words. I love it that God loves me unconditionally!

As a Cowboys fan, I must take this thought farther.

We ought always run the race to win it. We must discipline ourselves and those under us and be in it to win it. (1 Cor. 9:24-25; Hebrews 12:1-3)

Like in the case of Wade Phillips's dismissal, we should surround ourselves with mentors that will help us reach our goal so that if we lose our star quarterback to injury or if our favorite pastor moves on, we can not only function, but excel in our personal walks and in our fellowship with other Christians.

Jonathan said...

Love this, Lori! I'm not a big Cowboys fan myself, but I have had my share of what many would consider losses.

I am so grateful, however, that I am on a winning team! God always causes me to triumph. Everything always works together for my good.