Wednesday, February 16, 2011

POV Wednesday – Beauty in the Eye of the… Perceiver

Valentine’s Day evening, after I’d taken out my contacts and washed my face and put my pjs on, my Daniel and I snuggled up on the couch to watch our usual Monday TV shows.

The thought crossed my mind that, even though I was done trying to be cute for the day (no makeup, frump pony tail, old sweats), Valentine’s Day wasn’t over - my Daniel still hugged and kissed on me. And I shook my head in wonder because I felt so grodie.

Far from trying to conjure an image or brag on my attentive, sweet husband, my point is that somehow, my Daniel finds me beautiful with or without all my attempts to pretty myself up.

It’s a perspective issue.

One I should apply to my relationship with the Perfect Lover.

As a Christian, I do a lot to pretty myself up, try to look cute to the Perfect Lover – read my Bible, go to church, watch my language, pray before I eat (even in public *gasp*) – It’s not that these things don’t please the Lord, because I believe that done with a sincere heart, they do please Him.

But His Word says that our righteous acts are like filthy rags.

In Revelation, describing the wedding supper of the Lamb (Jesus, the Perfect Lover), it says that the bride (that’s us) has made herself ready. How does a bride get ready for her wedding? For one, she puts on a beautiful dress (righteousness, in this analogy). Well, Revelation says that these linens, the dress, “were give to her.” By whom? By Him.

Jesus does not love me because of my efforts. He loves me with or without them. My value doesn’t depend on any beautification process I put myself through. It’s His unconditional, sacrificial love that makes me beautiful.

I’d live a more peaceful life if I remembered what beauty looks like in the eyes of the Great Perceiver.

Peace to you, my Dry Ground friends!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!! (as always)