Monday, February 7, 2011

ROMANTIC Movies You Might Have Missed Monday

As the countdown to Valentine’s Day continues, I have another romantic comedy to share with you that you might not have seen, 1957’s Designing Woman.

The title itself did not inspire me to watch this the first time. The cast is what drew me – Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall – two of the best actors of their time, which is saying a lot considering their peers.

Not only did their names draw me, but the concept of Gregory Peck starring in a romantic comedy intrigued me. Because when I think of Mr. Peck, I think most of distinguished, wise, subdued Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (another AH-mazing movie, fyi). Could he pull off a role nothing short of whimsical?

Um… yea. Like a pro!

Designing Woman is about New York sport’s writer Mike Hagen, on assignment in LA. While there, he meets Marilla Brown, a fellow New Yorker and fashion designer. After spending a few days together, they discover that they’ve fallen in love. So, before flying back to the east coast, Mike and Marilla get married.

As often happens with love at first sight and whirlwind romances, reality sets in as soon as the plane touches down. Combining two totally separate and established lives isn’t as easy as it seemed looking through rose-colored lenses. Two apartments, two jobs and job schedules, two sets of friends from two ends of the social spectrum.

All of their attempts are quite amusing, however the best twist is that Mike had been dating someone in New York, an actress named Lori Shannon. Mike has to tell her that he’s come home from California a married man. That scene takes the cake, makes me (literally) laugh out loud every time, and proves Gregory Peck’s wide range of talent. I wish I had a still (a single frame of film) of his facial expression during that scene – I’d frame it up, hang it on the wall, smile every time I looked at it.

Anyway, a comedy of errors as well as a brush with the mob put the newlyweds’ infant relationship through the ringer. The question is, will the initial spark of love that brought them together in the first place be enough to keep them together?

This is a light-hearted, funny popcorn flick giving us a rare opportunity to witness top-notch actors in roles outside their norm.

If you’re looking for something outside your norm, try Designing Woman. Hopefully, like me, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting!! I love February, everyone's talking love stories/movies. :) My TBR list is growing again and now my "to be watched" movie list is as well. Mostly classics, too. I am realizing I have yet to see many classics. :)

Sarah Baker said...

Yet another movie on my "to see" list, and it's all your fault! ;) Lauren Bacall is great, but I've not seen this one.

Love the blog! Always look forward to it.

Lori Lundquist said...

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! Wish I could have a movie-marathon weekend and watch all these with ya'll!