Wednesday, February 23, 2011

POV Wednesdays – The Zero Factor

The Grizzly bears at our zoo eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables. Pounds and pounds of it. But because, believe it or not, there is such a thing as a fat Grizzly, the keepers purposefully put the various sliced up fruits and vegetables in a container, then weigh the container of food on one of those little scales that look borrowed from a high school science class.

Anyone know what needs to be done FIRST, though, to get an accurate weight of food?

The weight of the container has to be accounted for. So, weigh the container first and subtract that from the total of container plus food, OR, in the fancy technological world we live in, set the empty container on the scale and “zero out.” There’s a handy button that, when pushed, makes the scale read zero even when the container is setting on it. Then, when the food goes in the container, the weight showing on the scale is the weight of the food only, the number needed in the first place.

Before such high-tech gadgets, weights were taken on balances. Set a container on one side of the balance, and something is needed to put on the other side to make the sides even again before weighing the desired material.

Therefore, the zero factor is the same thing as balance. Even Steven. And that ensures accuracy.

So, this only came to mind, out of the blue, when I was watching a TV show or the news or something, I don’t remember, and before thinking I said out loud, “I wouldn’t even watch that.” I meant that, though I’m a little more liberal in my viewing tastes than most conservatives (wishing to give most stories a chance), my conscience wouldn’t allow me to view whatever it was mentioned to spark the thought.

Like fireworks, two loud thoughts boomed in my mind at the same time. The first – the image of the scales. The other – a statement (I feel uttered by my Perfect Lover Himself as a gentle reminder) – “What makes you the standard?”

It was like I set up my scale to weigh my decisions against my conscience – my, my, my! Hello! This is the beginning of a slippery slope, the one America is racing down as quick as an Olympic bobsled run!

My scale should only be balanced by God’s Word. Period. On one side, the object of my decision (what to watch, what to say, what to or not to do) – on the other side – God’s Word. If I attempt to balance my scale with anything else, most of all with myself, I will not get it right. The read out will be wrong. I’ll be carrying weight I’m not meant to carry. I won’t be even Steven.

This might be a stretch, and perhaps I’m not explaining clearly the impressions that came to mind when I made such a prideful statement. I just know that nothing zeros out my sin except Jesus. Therefore, He must be my standard.

That’s how I see it anyway.

How do you see it?

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Anonymous said...

Your insight continues to inspire me. You are absolutely right. Only Jesus can zero out our sins and He alone is the absolute standard. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

lynnrush said...

LOVE this. Great insight. Never looked at it this way. Thanks.