Monday, July 18, 2011

Movies You Might Have Missed Monday – A Whimsical Edition

How’s your summer going so far? Seeing any good movies? Like what?

Here’s another fun one for you, another romantic comedy that features the late great Walter Matthau as Albert Einstein!

Quite simply, I.Q. is about a regular auto-mechanic, Ed (played by Tim Robbins), who just happens to be a science geek, meeting and falling in love with Albert Einstein’s niece, Catherine (Meg Ryan).

But the path to romance is not simple. Catherine is engaged to a stuffed-shirt psychology professor. Ed doesn’t even register on her radar. But she absent-mindedly forgets her father’s pocket watch at Ed’s auto shop after her car breaks down, and he figures he can see her again if he returns it to her personally at her residence. Instead, he finds out that Einstein is her uncle. Professor Einstein does not like his niece’s finance, and is more than happy to lend Ed a hand. Along with his three brilliant and hilarious sidekicks, Professor Einstein hatches a plan to put Ed on Catherine’s radar – presenting him as a scientific genius.

This comedy of misunderstandings and assumptions delivers laughs, a whimsical romance, and memorable performances with a host of quotable one-liners. It’s a feel-good, delightful movie that leaves you smiling. Hope you give I.Q. a try!

Happy Movie-Watching, Dry Ground friends!

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