Wednesday, July 20, 2011

POV Wednesday – Soul Garden

So the day after I wrote last week’s POV Wednesday post about the condition of our “Soil” and posted on Facebook that “my soul garden needs weeding,” I read this verse in Isaiah:

Where once there were thorns, cypress tress will grow. Where nettles grew, myrtles will sprout up.” (Is. 55:13)

It instantly became my favorite verse.

How good of the Lord to direct me here and speak to my exact concern!

I got excited because I am trusting in the Truth of this verse to be true for me, and in that case I needed to do some research on cypress and myrtle. I want to know what God’s got planned for me, right?

What I found… well, let’s just say, I’m overwhelmed.

First up – cypress (closely related to cedar) - a 'soft' wood – here’s a list of attributes:

- extremely resistant to harsh weather, insects, fungus and decay

- lacks sap, so it doesn’t ‘bleed’

- Scarce of knots

- Dimensionally stable

- Resists splits, warps, cracks and splinters

- Durable – pieces of cypress from 100-year old structures have been reused in construction!

Next – myrtle - a 'hard' wood:

- tolerates many conditions

- grows best in deep soil with lots of sun and water

- will re-grow if cut to a stump (love that one!)

- strong, deep root system

- aroma from the leaves is a natural insect repellent

- patterns in the wood vary vastly, the color influenced by minerals in the soil and its texture by its growth struggle/stress

- over a course of 80 or more years, reaches its full height of up to 120 feet!

Need I spell it out?

I ponder, then, how will God remove the weeds and nettles and replace them with cypress and myrtle? These are symbols, and He can’t literally plant a seed in my head, right?

Then I realize, He’s already started – it’s through His Word!

I just love it when God turns the light bulb on for me. Gives me a glimpse into His amazing Truth and promises!

I hope it encourages you today as well, especially if your soul garden could use some weeding as well.

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cfoxes33 said...

Great devotion today!