Wednesday, July 27, 2011

POV Wednesday: Wishes

I was watching Voyage of the Dawn Treader the other day, the third installment in the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. While there’s so many great perspective changers in that movie, so many good lessons to learn, the one that stood out this time was the scene in which Lucy wishes herself away.

Lucy perceives herself as plain and her sister, Susan, as beautiful. Lucy believes her life would be much better and more useful if she were beautiful like her sister. During her voyage in Narnia, she encounters a book of incantations, one of which offers to grant her wish. She’s seized with the desire for this and rips out the page, tucking it away for a time when she can use it. When she does, she’s given a vision of the consequences of her wish coming true.

She ceases to exist.

Aslan (the symbol of God in these stories) visits her then and explains that her perception of herself is incorrect and the fulfillment of any wish based on that incorrect POV actually erases her completely.

She learns her lesson quickly. When a fellow voyager, a young girl, looks up at Lucy and claims she wants to be just like her when she grows up, Lucy responds by saying, “When you grow up, you should be just like you.”

We don’t always see God’s plans clearly, especially if we’re stuck in a bog. Sometimes we get to the point of wishing so desperately that things were different, we forget the sovereignty of God. Not blooming where we’re planted results in… no flowers. It’s the equivalent of wishing ourselves away.

But God’s got a plan, and it is for good, for a hope and a future. Oft-quoted verses supporting this fact are Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28. I’ve read them hundreds of times, but reread them recently seeking a fresh perspective.

God’s so good. He gave me one!

How awesome, with all the people in the world, with all the goings on and happenings, how amazing is it that God works all things together for my good?

Here’s how I apply it to my current circumstances. My Daniel needs a job – a career. And we need it ‘soon’ as far as it looks in our eyes. The concept of everything working together for good means, then, that not only will the job he gets be good for us, it will be good for those hiring him, for those working with him, for those he comes in contact with during the job, for the friends we make wherever we move, for the church we attend… on and on. That ripple effect over which God is Master!

He’s so great and good! If He is so powerful, why should I worry? And why should I wish myself away? We’re all necessary to make the perfect, beautiful pattern.

My Daniel’s birthday is tomorrow! I am sure glad God had him as part of my plan. I am sure glad my Daniel hasn’t wished himself away at any point in his life. I am so grateful that God knew my Daniel before he was formed and that He has plans to prosper him and to give him a good future. I am thankful for my Daniel’s life! And our life together. He’s my co-adventurer, my best friend, my lover, the one who ‘gets’ me, not to mention my personal chef. Happy Birthday, my Love! God’s plans for you are perfect!

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Anonymous said...

Love this post. Especially the tribute to your Daniel. He is blessed to have such a loving wife.
Keep the faith. Something great is just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better! ; )