Friday, September 28, 2012

Not a New Beginning

It’s no secret that my Daniel and I have moved around quite a bit – at least more than the average couple. Some of that has been by our own choice, and much of it not. Either way, it’s a fact.
Sometimes, we’ve needed the change of venue as critically as we need to breathe, because situations have been so hurtful and/or toxic. When, by the grace of God, change did come, we sighed in relief and rejoiced in another new beginning.
Turning over a new leaf, having the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, getting a redo or restart – it’s all good and comforting and even necessary… sometimes.
But this time – as we load the truck to head from a short stay in Florida to what we hope is a ‘career’ job in Richmond, VA – I don’t want to look at it as a ‘new beginning.’
Here’s why –
Ever play a board game that uses a little plastic marker to represent you and with a roll of a set of dice, you move forward toward the goal – the finish line? Winning. Along the way, though, are spaces that help you out or throw in a roadblock or two. Sometimes you get to advance extra spaces, sometimes you’re sent back a few. But I’ve played games that have the most disheartening of all commands – return to start. Go all the way back to the beginning and start again.
Technically speaking, that’s a ‘new beginning’ right? But in that context, who wants it?
So I’m not looking at this move as a ‘new beginning.’ Not this time. Instead, I prefer to see it as a continuation in a journey that started long ago. We’ve come a long way and experienced life-altering events and relationships that have torn down and built up our character, strengthened our faith, taught us what is truly important, what’s worth living and dying for. I wouldn’t trade all of that for a ‘new beginning’ or redo. God isn’t wiping out what He’s already done in us to start over. He builds upon the foundation already laid throughout the years – from good and bad times. He doesn’t have to get rid of the old or bad or used because He has the power and desire to transform and redeem that which already has been and is. That’s what salvation is. That’s the process of sanctification. That’s what we look forward to in Heaven on a New Earth and in new bodies.
So as long as we define new in the transforming sense not in the start over way – you could call this a new beginning.
But I’m just going to call it wonderful.
See you in Virginia, Dry Ground friends! During moving/unpacking week, I’ll feature some highlights from our time in Florida. Hope you’ll stop by.
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Anonymous said...

God Bless You in your 'new' beginning in Virginia.