Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World?

 So, if you’re reading this, I guess we’re safe – fire and brimstone are not coming today. Unless Australia has been wiped off the globe and we are yet to hear of it.
I kind of figured. The Bible says in Matthew that no one knows the day or the hour the Lord will return and make a few changes around here.
Still, today is the last day for some of us, whether we know it at this moment or not. Because the Bible also says that it is appointed for man to die once, and then the judgment (Heb. 9:26-28). All our minutes, including the final ones, are written in heavenly realms and known intimately by the Perfect Lover, so really, we have no cause to fear – if we know Him.
This world isn’t our home anyway. If it were, if this was all we had, then there would be every reason to fear as well as no opportunity for hope. Reality is, however, that life far greater and in an incredibly better place awaits us who have faith in Jesus.
It’s no secret, as I’ve expressed here many times and in many ways, that one view I have of Jesus is that of betrothed beloved – the Perfect Lover. So, the end of the world would mean that our wedding is nigh! And I would want to make sure I was dressed appropriately – spotless white – eagerly looking for the face of my groom standing at the end of that aisle of light, welcoming me into His eternal home.
Since that day could literally be any day for any one of us, wouldn’t it be wise to think on it every day? Be ready every day? Anticipate every day? Live for His glory every day? Love more every day? If we did, wouldn’t living in this fallen world be just a little bit better?
I think so anyway.
This is how Jesus put it… Matthew 25:1-13. (CLICK to read.)
Happy Friday before Christmas, Dry Ground friends! Only four more days!