Monday, December 31, 2012


Welcome to the last day of 2012. Are you ready to put an old year to bed and awaken to a brand new one? I know I am.
It’s become custom somewhere along the way to make resolutions on New Year’s Eve for improving the self in the new year. Do you do that?
Ever wonder why there are so many jokes about why they don’t stick? Why they don’t, in fact, stick?
Here’s my theory, based on some things I’ve been reading lately.
We are under the assumption that Free Will, the gift of choice, is power, when it’s really simply opening the door to power.
Let me explain.
So, you make a ‘resolution’ – you make a choice to improve something about yourself over the course of a year. Something revolutionary and life-changing and positive.
Good. You have the Free Will to make that choice – to decide to improve.
However, the reason we so often fail is that after making the choice, we believe that we can accomplish this resolution in our own power. And that is impossible according to the nature of self.
Don’t mistake me. The choice is important. Very, crucially, vitally important to reaching goals.
But it is not in and of itself power. The proverbial will-power is actually no power at all.
Power comes from an actual power-source – the only One that can do anything to improve our fleshly selves. And that Power only starts working when the door is opened by your choice.
See the difference?
We, especially we Americans, hate to depend on anyone. We have a heritage that is taught as being self-won. Nothing could be further from the Truth. It is actually dependence on the Power Source – the One True God – that accomplishes any resolution, personal or universal.
Therefore, making a choice is a good step, but it’s just the first step. The second step is depend upon the right power source to fulfill that resolution – depend on God, and God alone.
Yep – it’s scary. No doubt about it. And without question, His methods will take you far beyond your comfort zone. However, if you really want to succeed in those resolutions, His way will be the only guarantee.
And if your resolutions are not guaranteed – what’s the point of making them in the first place?
Be encouraged, Dry Ground friends! 2013 is the Lord’s, if you make the choice to give it to Him. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!