Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taste and See

I have probably mentioned it before – I’m not what is known as a ‘good’ cook. Over the years, I’ve gotten better, and I’m even enjoying it a little more now. But if we’re having company, I leave the kitchen reins in my Daniel’s hands for sure!
Good food is especially on my mind around Christmas. I imagine a long, traditional dining room table full of scrumptious fare, the ‘good’ china, a seasonal table cloth and candelabras encircled with pinecones and holly. Sort of Norman Rockwell-esque, right? Sitting down to savor each lovely morsel of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, biscuits, vegetables, and pie sounds super good right now. Of course, it’s all the better with every high-backed chair occupied with loved ones.
I’d say most of us will experience something of the sort in a couple weeks – probably even multiple times. I hope so!
But as I picture that scene, a verse comes to mind that leads me to a question…
The verse is pretty well known – Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good…”
The question is – do I? Do I taste each morsel the Lord gives me from His Word with as much savor as I would a Christmas feast? Does my mouth water with longing and anticipation at the thought of hearing His Word? Do I internalize and digest it, allowing it to nourish and sustain me?
Just some food for thought. *smile*
Hope your week goes well, Dry Ground friends! Be blessed!
Oh, hey – 20 days until Christmas!!! Wow!