Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Absolutes for the Multitudes

There's all kinds of people in this world.
Shortly before leaving Florida this past summer, we met someone in a professional setting and during a short stint of chit-chat were faced with this exchange:
Her: Do you all have any kids?
Dan: No. Unfortunately.
Her: Oh… well, you know that’s a sin.
No joke. She was serious and quite disturbed on our behalf.
Thankful I hadn’t been in on that conversation. I’d have responded: Well, it’s not for lack of trying, lady!
My first fiery reactionary thoughts faded quickly because let’s be honest, I’m used to hearing outrageous opinions on this issue. Trust me, God and I keep a close dialogue about it so I don’t need or care about anyone’s take on the matter.
Anyway, my point is, that after the first quick thoughts, the main thing that I wanted to know was – why does this woman think not having children is a sin? What Bible did she get that out of? Or what passage from the Bible I read did she interpret to say that?
But she really really believes what she said.
What would this world be like if Truth was based on what we each believed?
Or, what if Truth changed based on who is elected to office or ascends to a throne or usurps authority just because they have the physical power to do so?
In either case, Truth wouldn’t exist at all because its very nature would be impossible. And no Truth at all would be a hopeless state indeed.
So I’m concerned that I’ve been hearing this buzz word on all issues moral: ‘evolve.’ Have you heard this? Our ideas about certain things are supposed to have ‘evolved’ with… what? The times? The culture? The people who declare themselves as the purveyors of Truth? It seems to mean ‘get with the times’ so that whatever anyone ever anywhere wants to do or believe can be considered or spun to sound in some possible way as acceptable. Heaven forbid anything ever be unacceptable. Unless the ‘evolved’ ones declare it to be so.
In principle, the babblers of such rhetoric are saying that Truth is out there, up there, somewhere, and we are to evolve until we reach it.
Big problem with that - how will we ever know when we have? And if we’re not meant to, then… what’s the point?
Is it a wonder that despair has taken up residence in our hearts?
Here’s the good news. Truth exists. It existed before time began, before any of us were around to have an opinion on it. And, Truth doesn’t change.
Cultures, opinions, practices, people, ideas all change but Truth never does.
For Truth to be both of these things – eternal and unchanging – then it can only come from a Source with the same attributes. The only One ever to claim it as well as back it up is the One True God, The Holy One of Israel, The Great I Am, the Lord, God Almighty – and He’s gracious enough to share it with us in His Word, The Holy Bible.
Truth does not cease to be Truth based on my beliefs. I don’t know everything there is to know about Truth – pretty sure no one does. But that is precisely why Truth is the standard and not ourselves. Truth isn’t somewhere hovering above me. Truth is the solid rock foundation upon which I stand – or fall or crawl as the case may be.
So, beware, beware when someone asks you to ‘evolve’ to a truth prescribed by this generation. Talk about a puny worldview.
“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


Emiley said...

Very well said! : )