Monday, January 21, 2013

Seeing in the Dark

We sang a beautiful song in church yesterday. Here are the lyrics:

You revive me
You revive me Lord
And all my deserts are rivers of joy.
You are the treasure I could not afford
So I’ll spend myself ‘till I’m empty and poor.
All for You
You revive me Lord.

Lord I have seen Your goodness
And I know the way You are.
Give me eyes to see You in the dark.
And Your face shines a glory
That I only know in part.
And there is still a longing
A longing in my heart.

My soul is thirsty
Only You can satisfy.
You are the well that never will run dry.
And I’ll praise You for the blessing
For calling me Your friend.
And in Your name I’m lifting
I’m lifting up my hands.

I’m alive
I’m alive
You breathe on me
You revive me.

Especially the line “Give me eyes to see You in the dark” got me thinking. At that moment, my first inclination was to think about dark times, of which I’ve seen a share. I thought, yes, Lord! Help me to see You when times get tough.
But the next thought was – well, how about taking a look at this past week?
No, not everything went my way. Not everything was roses and kittens… or puppies (which I prefer. LOL!). I even had a morning marked by tears, unusual for me. However, the Lord brought to my remembrance several answers to prayer and highlighted moments that made me smile or sigh with relief or utter a prayer of thanks. And it dawned on me – my past week overflowed with His presence and blessings.
He gave me eyes to see in the darkness of my foggy short term memory.
And I said – Wow. Thank You.
I hope you find some time to listen to the above song. To do so – CLICK HERE. In the course of a lifetime, 7 minutes isn’t really asking too much, right?
Have an incredible week, Dry Ground friends. I pray you too have eyes to see in the dark.